Solving Bathtub Plumbing Problems

Having a bathtub in your home can add a greater sense of luxury to the bathroom and provides you with a relaxing bathing option, as well as a more convenient one if you have kids. But bathtubs can present their own plumbing problems just like showers, toilets, and sinks.

To help you keep your bathtub in good working condition, here are some tips regarding common plumbing problems.

Bathtub drains slowly or not at all

Like a shower drain, bathtubs can be prone to clogging because of all the hair, soap, and other toiletries that get washed down the drain. It’s never a good idea to ignore a clogged drain, so you should see to it as soon as possible if water from your bathtub starts to drain slowly.

There are plenty of DIY drain cleaners available in stores, but be wary of these as they can actually harm your plumbing. Try clearing the clog using a plunger and call a local plumber if this doesn’t resolve the problem. Adding a drain cover to your bathtub can help to prevent blockages in the future by catching hairs before they go down the drain.

Low water pressure from the faucets

Filling a bathtub can take painstakingly long if you have low water pressure. A number of factors can cause low water pressure. First, figure out whether the problem is just with your bathtub faucets or if the entire home’s plumbing has low water pressure. If you have a bath/shower combo, then there may be a tap or knob you need to turn to determine whether water is diverted through the shower or bath faucets – make sure this is turned all the way to increase water pressure for your bath.

This article outlines other common causes of low water pressure in bathtubs. A professional plumber will be able to diagnose the problem for you and help you increase your water pressure safely.

Dripping faucets

Like with any other faucet, a leaking or dripping bathtub faucet can be incredibly annoying and wastes a lot of water. The problem could be as simple as a washer that needs tightening, or it may run deeper. Make sure you always turn off your water supply before attempting any maintenance or repairs. If you’re unsure, then contact a plumber to resolve this problem for you.

Sewage smells

If your bathroom starts to smell like a sewer pipe, then don’t automatically assume your toilet is the problem. It could be a problem with your drains, so it is worth checking out your bathtub plumbing. Clogs can lead to bad smells coming from your drains, or it could be a problem with the sewer line itself. Try cleaning and unblocking your drain to see if this resolves the issue.

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