Saving Water During A Drought

As parts of the country face extreme hot weather and droughts this summer, it’s a good time to learn some basics of how to conserve water and make it stretch further, whether you’re currently affected by the droughts or not. Read on for some useful tips on saving water during a drought.

Bathe smart

If we all spend a little less time in the shower or fill the bath a little less full, then we can save billions of gallons of water every year. Showers are generally more economical than baths, so try to stick with showers if you can. If you do take a bath, then consider just filling it half full to save some water.

Being efficient on time in the shower will also make you more efficient on water. Try to keep showers to five minutes or less. You will spend more time in the shower when washing your hair as well as your body, so consider reducing the number of times per week you wash your hair (which could also be good for your hair and scalp!). If you’re in an area that’s badly affected by drought, then you can save more water by turning the shower off while you lather the soap or shampoo, and then turning it back on to rinse.

Install faucet aerators

Adding an aerator to your faucets means that a combination of air and water is dispensed when you run the tap, meaning a smaller volume of water is used in the same amount of time. For example, if you spend 30 seconds washing your hands under the faucet, you’ll use less water if you have an aerator installed.

Skip the half loads

When it comes to doing laundry either in or out of your home, wait until you have a full load of laundry before washing your clothes. The same goes for washing dishes in the dishwasher. Running half loads more frequently uses more water than waiting to run full loads less frequently.

Recycle your water

If your yard is desperately in need of watering during a drought, then you can recycle water you’ve already used for bathing, cooking, or cleaning, for example. Why not collect your bathwater to water the plants with? Generally, soap and other detergents diluted to this extent won’t harm your plants.

Fix leaks and drips

A dripping tap can waste a lot of water over time. Make sure you fix any drips or leaks in your house or call a plumber if necessary. And while you’re waiting for it to be fixed, place a bucket under the drip to collect the water, which can then be used on your plants or even to flush the toilet.

If you have any leaks and drips that need fixing in your home or would like to know more about adding aerators to your plumbing fixtures, contact Brandon Plumbing for our emergency plumbing services around North Carolina.