A Guide to Outdoor Plumbing

There are a number of reasons why you might need plumbing outside of your house, particularly in the backyard. You could install an outdoor tap for watering the plants and other uses, you might need plumbing for an outdoor kitchen, or you might want to install an outdoor toilet and/or shower. If you need outdoor plumbing for your home, then read on for some tips and considerations.

Think about location

Generally speaking, setting up outdoor plumbing becomes more difficult the further away it is from your house. Setting up a plumbing fixture against the back wall or the side of your house will be much more convenient as you can easily access the existing water lines from your house.

For example, outdoor taps are frequently positioned on the outside of the wall that’s against the kitchen sink. If you’re adding an outdoor entertainment area with a sink, then consider placing this on the patio behind your house rather than further out into the yard.

And drainage

If you’re going to have water from an outdoor shower or faucet flowing into your yard, then make sure it has somewhere to go. This may involve digging a drain or dry well if there isn’t already a suitable existing one, or you may just need to divert runoff to an existing drain or to your garden. Check local regulations or talk to a plumber to help figure out what you need to do.

Piping materials

If your pipes are going to be exposed to the elements, then there are some extra considerations when it comes to choosing the right material. Plastic materials like PVC and PEX can become damaged by the sun’s UV rays, so they may not be suitable. However, you may be able to cover these pipes or even paint them to add extra protection against UV rays.

Similarly, some metal piping may be susceptible to rusting when the outer coating is frequently exposed to rainwater. Galvanized piping is popular for outdoor applications. This is made of galvanized metal, like iron or steel, which means it has been coated in zinc to prevent rusting. This is a tough and durable option for your outdoor plumbing needs.

Other than those already mentioned, these are some of the materials you could use for your outdoor plumbing:

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